Essential Garage Door Security Tips

Many people don’t know that garages are common entry points in both residential and commercial property burglaries. There’s a range of security measures, however, that can be implemented at your … Continue reading

Jimmy Proof Locks

Jimmy Proof Locks

Jimmy proof locks offer a unique form of security layering that can be quite beneficial to residential and commercial properties alike. In this blog post, the locksmith experts here at Key Rescue Seattle will explain the functionality and benefits of jimmy proof locks.

Home Lockout

Benefits of Insured Locksmiths

By working with a fully licensed and insured locksmith team, you afford yourself (and your residential and/or commercial property) not only guaranteed results and high levels of security, but also the peace of mind in knowing that you are receiving the highest quality and most trustworthy service available. In this blog entry, the professional residential and commercial locksmith team here at Key Rescue Seattle will illustrate the unparalleled benefits of working with a fully insured locksmith.

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Top Reasons to Receive Rekeying Service

Rekeying is a simple, efficient, cheap, and truly effective process that can quickly remedy security risks to residential and commercial properties. Distinct from lock changing, rekeying simply renders previously used keys un-useable, and provides you a new set of keys with which you can operate your locks. In this blog entry, the locksmith experts here at Key Rescue Seattle will detail some of the top reasons to receive rekeying service at your property.