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5 Essential Locksmith Services for Brand New Homes

Published on 7 months ago
5 Essential Locksmith Services for Brand New Homes
When you purchase a brand new home, there’s a range of essential security tactics to implement to ensure that you, your family, and all of your belongings stay safe and secure. In this blog entry, the residential security experts here at Key Rescue Seattle will detail 5 essential locksmith services for brand new homes.

Lock Rekeying

Make sure to rekey your exterior locks when you move into your new home. This process will replace lock barrels with zero need to replace the rest of the lock hardware, rendering previously used keys obsolete and providing you with a brand new set of workable keys. You can update your lock to one with security pin features for extra security. This eliminates the risk of previous homeowners entering your property.

Key Duplication

Make key copies by a professional to make sure that people can get back into the house in the event of a lockout. This will allow your family to more confidently lock the door knowing they won’t get locked out. Keep your spare key in a safe space, or at your friend or neighbor's house.

Lock Repairs

Often locks degrade over time. When you move into your new home, check all of your locks, even subtle issues. Have these subtle issues repaired by a professional residential locksmith as soon as possible - as subtle issues left unrepaired can rapidly snowball into serious issues in no time at all.

Lock Upgrades

If your existing locks are shoddy, malfunctioning, or years obsolete, you might want to upgrade your existing locks. Upgrading locks to brand new Grade 1 deadbolt locks made of solid steel can exponentially increase the first line of your physical home security. Deadbolts can be installed on your existing doors, and lock upgrades can also come complete with a keypad lock installation allowing for more secure and convenient entry.

Safe Installation

We recommend installing even small safes into your home to help protect specific valuables from the risk of burglary. This way you can rest easy in knowing that your most prized assets - like heirlooms, jewelry, or important documents - are secure in a fireproof, waterproof, and burglar proof, highly rated safe.