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Common Door Lock Issues

Published on 3 months ago
Common Door Lock Issues
Here at Key Rescue Seattle, we regularly provide a broad range of professional Seattle lock repair services to residential and commercial clients of all types. In this blog entry, our professional Seattle door hardware repair team will describe the most common problems that we regularly see with doors and locks.

Broken or Malfunctioning Keys

Did you try to turn your key and it broke off inside your lock? Is your key stuck in your lock, or refusing to go into the lock in the first place? These are highly common door lock issues. If you tried to force your key after it got stuck in your lock and it broke, try removing it (very gently) with pliers or tweezers. If this doesn’t work, contact a professional locksmith team, like those here at Key Rescue Seattle, for expert assistance. If your key isn’t working properly, make sure you are using the right key. If it's not working, the issue might be that your deadbolt isn’t hitting your strike plate. If you’re dealing with a brand new key, there’s a possibility that it wasn’t cut correctly. Contact a professional locksmith team to determine whether the issue is with the key or the lock.  

Misaligned or Loose Locks

It's possible that your lock is misaligned or loose. Deadbolts should fit squarely into the strike plate at the door jamb - and if it doesn’t, even slightly, the lock might not work. This often happens when locks are treated roughly, if they haven’t been installed properly, or if they have shifted due to changes in heat or humidity. Sometimes locks and handles get loose over the years - try simply tightening them with a screwdriver and long screws (but keep in mind that the longer a lock or a handle is left loose, the harder they will be to fix.)  

Broken Doors and Slowly Operating Locks

Slowly operating locks occur when dirt or particulate matter is allowed to accumulate inside the lock body. Contact a professional locksmith team for expert assistance to correct this. Broken door mechanisms occur over time. With regular use, and a lack of maintenance, doors can quickly begin to break. Make sure to get regular maintenance for your door and lock hardware in order to ensure that your locks are properly functioning. Spending money today on door and lock maintenance will save you a great deal of money in the future by preventing any need to repair your locks.