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Common Forms of Alarm Systems

Published on 5 months ago
Common Forms of Alarm Systems
There’s a wide range of alarm system types available on the market today - with each variety of alarm best serving a different set of property security concerns and priorities whether its commercial security or residential security. In this blog entry, the intercom and buzzer system installation experts here at Key Rescue Seattle will detail some of the most commonly different forms of alarm systems on the market today. 

Electrical Current Alarms

Electric currents alarm systems are the most common type of alarm system. They usually simply monitor doors and windows, and are often installed during home construction. They involve a low voltage electricity circuit that flows between two points when doors and windows are shut, and disrupted when doors and windows open, breaking the circuit, and thus sounding the alarm.  

Wired Alarm Systems

These systems use landline phone connections to send signals to a monitoring center. If they are installed, it's recommended that a cellular backup system is implemented to prevent disruption in the event of cut wires, landline disruption, or weather based interference.  

Wireless Home Alarm Systems

These systems utilize a control panel and a range of sensors connected with radio frequency. A triggered alarm sends a signal to the control panel, and these systems can be integrated with remote system management systems based on cell phones, as well as with other smart features like light, CCTV camera, and thermostat control.  

Unmonitored Alarm Systems

These systems rely on a local individual to contact the authorities when an emergency is detected. Auditory and visual alarm cues are triggered when the system is activated. They are cheaper than monitored systems, but offer less security, as they rely on someone hearing or seeing the alarm in order for authorities to be called.  

Monitored Alarm Systems

These systems make sure that authorities will be quickly notified in the event of a break in. Monitored alarm systems notify both homeowners and authorities when alarms are triggered - either through an entrance being opened, a motion sensor detecting movement, a loud noise detected by an auditory sensor, or through manual activation. The monitored alarm system will then contact emergency services who will be dispatched to your property.