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Common Residential Lock Types

Published on 3 months ago
Common Residential Lock Types
There’s a massive variety of high security locks commonly utilized in both residential and commercial contexts - from the mighty high security deadbolt lock to the common mortise lock. In this blog entry, the Seattlesecurity hardware installation expertshere at Key Rescue Seattle will detail the most popular locks commonly used in homes today. 

Deadbolt Locks

These locks are usually used to secure exterior doors, and commonly come in single cylinder varieties. Deadbolts are popular due to their heightened security. Double cylinder deadbolts utilize keyed cylinders on both sides of the door, while single cylinder deadbolts have keyed cylinders on one side of the door. Single cylinder deadbolts are more commonly used, as double cylinder deadbolts, while more secure, are harder to operate in the event of an emergency. Some people opt to use jimmy proof deadbolts often in apartments, which protect against potential jamming by burgers with its in-built strike guard. 

Door Knob Locks

Door Knob locks don’t offer a huge amount of security, so they're not ideal for exterior doors, but are quite common on interiors. Door Knob locks can be greatly strengthened with deadbolts. They allow for easy passage and locking between rooms in your interior, and often come with a rudimentary thumbturn lock. 

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical lever locks are more often used in commercial environments, as homeowners usually opt for doorknob locks for interiors. Cylindrical lever locks offer easy entrance and exit, but are not ideal for exterior doors. They are simply used by lowering or raising a lever with a self-contained lock cylinder - and don’t offer much resistance to break-in attempts, making them more ideal for low-security areas like bathroom doors. 

Mortise Locks

Also commonly used in commercial environments - as well as in older homes - mortise locks are made of hardware that’s contained in the door itself. Some key mechanisms of the mortise lock is its threaded lock cylinder and a cam that engages the lock and retracts the latch. Mortise locks are reliable, and can even come in high security varieties - making them ideal for apartment complexes. 

Euro Cylinder Locks

Commonly used in Europe, these locks are usually used on interior double doors or patio doors. Euro lock cylinders are prone to damage and wear over time, and they can be easily snapped. While these locks are very easily installed, they offer very limited security, really making them only an ideal choice for low security interior double doors, or patio doors on a high balcony that’s impossible to access from outside.