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Seattle Ignition Key Replacement Service

Published on 3 months ago
Seattle Ignition Key Replacement Service
The Seattle automotive key replacement experts here at Key Rescue Seattle regularly provide car, van, truck, and motorcycle drivers throughout the Seattle area with high quality ignition key replacement services. In this blog entry, we will detail our process of on-site, on-call Seattle ignition key replacement.

What function do ignition keys serve?

Car ignition keys serve two main purposes: making sure that only the designated keyholder can start and drive the car - and to start the engine, activate the trunk, and activate / operate other electronic and mechanical systems in the vehicle, including the panic alarm.  

What are ignition switches?

Ignition switches are complicated electrical devices that can sense and read anti-theft codes within the key before it will activate any of the vehicle's electronic systems. The proper code must be read in order for the vehicle to start or for an automatic transmission to move out of ‘park’ mode.  

Can ignition keys be replaced?

Yes. The trusted Seattle ignition key replacement service team here at Key Rescue Seattle can replace your ignition key on-the spot, and even replace your ignition lock cylinder if you need it.  What are the four main ignition positions?The four main ignition positions are ‘lock mode’, ‘accessory mode’, ‘on’ or ‘ignition’ mode, and ‘start’ mode.   

Can cars start without ignition keys?

Usually not - but a trusted locksmith can start your car in scenarios in which keys are lost by connecting ignition cords to battery cords, and then touching the starter cord to the connection.  

What happens when ignition switches fail?

If your ignition switch fails, it won't deliver power to the ignition system, car starter motor, and other engine components - preventing the engine from being able to start. Other electronic or mechanical based problems like dead batteries or broken starter solenoids can also cause engine issues.  

Can I get my ignition key replaced in the middle of the night?

Yes! Key Rescue Seattle offers our valued Seattle clients 24/7, direct to location ignition key replacement services, traveling to your exact location anywhere in the Greater Seattle area in order to provide you with a high-quality, brand-new ignition key right on the spot, and always for a fair and reasonable budget friendly rate.