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What to do when Locked Out of your Vehicle

Published on 3 months ago
What to do when Locked Out of your Vehicle
In this blog entry, the highly skilled Seattle automotive lockout technicians here at Key Rescue Seattle will detail some expert tips for you to take if you ever find yourself locked outside of your vehicle in the Seattle area.

Stay Calm

Take a breath and try to relax. Ask yourself when and where you last saw your car keys, what you did the last time you left your vehicle, if anyone else might have seen your keys, if you or anyone you know has a spare key for your vehicle, and where a safe area for you to go is. Sometimes you might have answers to some of these questions - and sometimes you might not. If you’ve looked everywhere, it's important to try to breath and relax before taking next steps.  

Safe Location

Usually car lockouts happen at the most inconvenient time and in the most inconvenient areas. If you're away from home, try to find a safe and calm location to think and take your next steps. If you’re in a parking lot or on the road, look for a local business or area for shelter. This is imperative if it’s nighttime, if you’re alone, and especially if you’re on the side of the highway. You want to make yourself safe from the possibility of a crime or a traffic accident while you wait for help to arrive.  

Contacting Help

Contact a trusted Seattle automotive lockout service team, like Key Rescue Seattle. All you'll have to do is sit tight and wait for one of our highly experienced, fully trained automotive lock technicians to come directly to the location of your vehicle (or your location where you are waiting.) Consider calling a friend or loved one to let them know that you’re in this situation in order to modify your existing, pre-lockout plans, or simply for peace of mind. Someone might be able to come and wait with you while you await your professional Seattle automotive lockout services.  

Preventing Car Lockouts

In the future, prevent the risk of automotive lockouts by following these tips. Keep a spare key on hand in your purse or wallet at all times, or give one to a trusted friend or neighbor. Key Rescue Seattle can help create duplicate spare car keys for you. Make sure that you always know where you keep your keys - always in the same place. Create a dedicated shelf, rack, or hook for when you’re home - and make a habit of both keeping your keys in the same pocket always, and always checking this pocket for your keys when you're in any moment of physical transition, exiting a vehicle, leaving your home, leaving a restaurant or party, all the time!